What Are The Types Of Sofas Available For Your Home?

Your home defines your comfort, and it is there that you truly find freedom and peace, away from all the realities that bind you. Therefore, finding comfort in your own home does include a little bit of magic of interior as well. This interior includes all the furniture that is inside your house. Here, we will be focusing on especially the sofas that you will be able to own. There is quite a large selection for you to chose from and below are only four handpicked and the very famous and best ones. However, if you do carry out some extensive research on this topic, you might even find more options in buying a sofa. Take a look below.

Sectional sofa

This type of sofa usually comes in multiple pieces where you can fit them together; not necessarily fixing them together but basically just placing them in a way that it looks like one big chair in a creative shape with multiple pieces adjoining each other. The number of sections ideally ranges from 3-5, allowing you to decorate your house in whichever way you want. It has also become one of the fastest growing sofa trends at present and is commonly available in U and L shapes.

English sofa

The speciality of the English Sofa or the English Rolled Arm is that the arm rest is usually very low in comparison to the backrest of the settee. This being an iconic feature of this particular type of sofa is yet considered very similar to the Bridgewater type. However, the one distinguishable feature is that of the very low arm. Interestingly, some English sofas even have arms so low that they cannot even be seen and can be easily covered up by your black cushions Australia. 


Unlike the previous type, the most significant feature of this is that it contains a very high back and arms. The common way of identifying these sofas by its inwardly curved arms that are almost always equally as high as the back rest. Also, the Cabriole focuses more on the comfort where majority of the chair will be cushioned that you will even be able to lie down and have a nap on it covered up in your linen bed sheets. There could also be types of Cabrioles that involve wood trims.


The futon is perhaps the ideal sofa for you when you feel tired and drained out after a hectic day of work. This is a combination of a bed and a sofa, making it the best relaxing spot in your house. This contains a majority of flat surfaces along with backrests that are released downward in order for the sleeping surface to become more effective.

Which one are you planning to buy?