Selecting The Best Cigar For Use

Choosing the best cigar or tobacco roll for use can be a bit tough for someone who is entering this field as a new comer. Someone who has been smoking this type knows how to do the selection properly. Also, it is quite normal to see people who have been smoking these tobacco rolls to end up smoking only one brand. This one brand can be based on the country of origin or it could be even based on the flavour it provides.

For those who are interested in exploring this field of interest here are the basic things you have to consider when you are selecting the best cigar for your use. You should always remember choosing what you like should come second as it is necessary to first identify what a best tobacco roll is. Know more information about ashtrays for sale.


One of the ways people mostly select these tobacco rolls is by examining how long they are in inches what their ring size or diameter is. There are even different names associated with each ring size to make it easier for you to select them or ask for them when you are shopping for them. A Cigarillo is closer to a cigarette in size. A Churchill has a ring size of around 48-50 and is long 6.75 up to 7 inches. If you are looking for a rather lager ring size you can order Nicaraguan cigars which have a ring size of 54.


If you are buying these for someone else or even if you are buying these because you want to start smoking them, you should consider the flavour too. This is a tobacco roll so you cannot expect a soft flavour. What you will get is mild flavours and then stronger ones. If you are new to this start by buying mild flavour ones. If you have no idea what flavour the person you are buying for is smoking you can still go with mild flavour as that is the safer choice.

Hand Rolled or Not

One of the most important things to consider when shopping for these tobacco rolls is whether they are hand rolled or not. For a cigarette this does not matter. However, the best experience giving tobacco rolls are those that have been rolled with care by hands. For example, with a brand such as tobacconist in Sydney you get to enjoy the good taste that comes with hand rolling. With the development of internet and online shopping facility you can now order these online too.