Methods To Save Money On Your Artistic Supplies

Drawing and painting of art is a wonderful past-time, especially for those gifted with a great deal of talent in imagination and drawing. Once you start and get up to a certain level, it becomes harder and harder to consider quitting. Sadly, our passion is not the obstacle we have to worry about: if you are on a tight budget, you will find sooner than later that art supplies can be quite expensive.

What can a person like that do in order to continue with his or her hobby? Unless you are really in a bind and need to stop spending on your hobbies soon, there are ways to continue your work without the need to spend the same amount of money as you did in the past. Just follow the following tips to save you something each time you go to the art store:

Choose One Shop for All of Your Needs

Jumping from shop to shop can make it easier for you to figure out where each item is priced at lower rates, but this is not the optimal thing to do in the long run. Rather than trying out several shops, you may want to stick just one supplier: this way, the store clerk will know that you are a loyal customer, and will, therefore, do his or her level-best to ensure you can get discount art supplies Australia whenever possible: they may even give you a call from time to time to alert you of ongoing promotions and sales.

Buy Only What You Need

Many artists make the mistake of buying way more than what they actually need to paint their artworks. Cutting down on such unnecessary expenses is a great way to have some spare money on hand: it is easier to do once you have a general idea of your needs, but if you are a beginner, try to start small to stay inside your modest budget.

Use Less Paint

Paint can be expensive: this is even more evident when you consider special paints like the medium made from right beeswax beads that is used for encaustic paintings. Try not to overdo it when painting your work: dilute soluble colour as much as possible and only apply the minimum amount of paint onto your canvas. The picture will also look cleaner if you follow this procedure.

Take Care of Your Tools

If you don’t want to be replacing your expensive brushes every few months or so, make sure you take care of them properly. This means washing them gently after each use and storing them in an appropriate location devoid of moisture and excessive heat. The same can be said for all of your other tools, particularly if they tend to be on the expensive side of things.