How To Select The Perfect Wedding Bouquet?

One of the important decisions made in a wedding is the selection of the flowers. You need to choose something that fits your personality as well as complements the theme of the wedding. This is a tradition that has been maintained over a large period of time and it is an integral part in any wedding. So when you’re selecting the bridal bouquet, you need to think carefully.

The bridal bouquet will be carried by the bride for the entire ceremony. It has to be something special with a lot of meaning behind it. It can be a bit difficult to choose the bouquet. It will be easier to choose it after you have decided on the wedding dress. This way, the bouquet can be chosen to complement the dress. The style of the bouquet depends on the dress so when you’re visiting the florist Kew, make sure that you take a picture of the dress along with you. This will help them considerably in the bridal bouquet design. You need to think about the size and shape of the bouquet. The bouquet has to bring out the best in the wedding dress without obscuring it. The figure of the bride will have to be considered as well so that the bouquet complements them. A petite bride will be encumbered with a large flowing bouquet. It will obscure the dress and take attention away from the bride.

The proportion of the bouquet has to be perfect. Usually, the bouquet is made smaller than the waist of the bride so that it can help accentuate the figure. Colour is another thing you need to think about when choosing a bouquet. Again, you need to refer to the colour of the dress when it comes to the selection. A sample of the dress fabric or a good colour photo will help choose the right colour. You can buy flowers online Melbourne from the websites of bridal flower arrangements. You have to think of practical considerations as well such as the availability of the flowers. Some flowers will be hard to get by at some periods of the year so it is best to go with seasonal flowers for the bouquet. You can add personal memories and moments that you cherish to the bouquet. You can personalize it so it has a special meaning.

Some of the flowers can be chosen because it signifies hope for you future together. Maybe you can include the type of the flowers that were gifted to you during the proposal or the first time you got flowers from your partner. This will be a beautiful way of remembering all the firsts.