Eccentric Wedding Venue Ideas

Plan in a wedding is not easy. In fact, it is one of the most difficult tasks. There are so many little things that needs to be taken care of before the big day. Sometimes people start planning more than twelve months ahead. From picking a theme and color to choosing the caterer and everything else, weddings have got complicated over the years. Finding the perfect venue for your wedding also plays an important role. With a little bit of research and out of the box thinking, there are so many interesting venues to hold your wedding ceremony. If you are a bride or groom to be and is looking for a unique place, following might help you get creative and thinking.


Ever wanted to have your wedding in a giant castle with a touch of royalty to your wedding? Many people are not aware that there are castles that you could rent out for weddings and events. You can send out beautiful country wedding invitations that looks royal yet modern. Castles are properties owned just like private islands or ships. Some of these castles can even be booked through sites such as Airbnb. Castles tend to get booked and occupied faster than you think. Further, just like any other factor, the closer it is to the date the more expensive it gets. What is important to remember is that you will need to book the venue way ahead to make sure you reserve a spot.


If you have dreamed of a mystical wedding, holding it at a cave would be the perfect choice. Even if it is not for the wedding caves can be used for engagement parties. You need to look for cave and follow the procedure for booking the venue. Another important fact to remember is that you mention the directions and location to the cave in or along with your engagement party invitations to avoid guests getting lost and frustrated. You need to consider facts like the safety of the place and how many people you could accommodate in order to book a venue that would not make people feel unsafe or uncomfortable. You also need to be sure that your wedding or engagement would not get affected if there is a rain or thunderstorm. If it is an open cave or semi open cave, it is always good to be ready with a second plan.

Other than these two places you can rent out theme parks, barns, treehouses, garden, parks and farms or convert a venue to a magical place using your creativity and out of the box thinking.