Collectibles For The Average Young Adult

If you are like most young adults, then you are broke. Money is not something that rains down from the heavens unless you are one of the few lucky ones who hit the jackpot with a crazy/cool idea or a very rich family. If neither is true, then you (like millions of others) work hard and try to save for a future. This means that your chances of having any kind of collectible are next to nil.

Collectibles are among the more expensive hobbies in Melbourne because the high-quality products are extremely expensive and the more affordable ones are usually not that well made. Whether you look at models of vehicles, action figures, dolls, movie paraphernalia or other objects it’s the same story. So here are some collectibles that still look cool and are not as expensive as they seem.

Movie Merch – Toys

Depending on the popularity of the movie, certain toy companies will launch their own merchandise using the characters and stories taken from said movie. This means that there will plenty of dolls, costumes and models on display. They also release limited edition merchandise targeted to adults that are slightly more up-scale than the ones marketed for kids; you will have to walk into a Lego shop to get some of the specialized Star Wars merchandise. However, they will still be a lot less expensive than if they were created by novelty stores, since they are technically “toys.”

Action Figures

Thanks to the marvels of internet, there are plenty of sites now that offer action figures without charging you through the roof. Not only will they cost less, they will probably deliver it to you and also be of similar quality to the glossy, expensive models that used to be available in shops. There are independent contractors who make models to order; there are online stores that make limited numbers; there are alternative stores that import the figurines from other countries and can therefore sell them cheaper than the originals. Either way, there are plenty of options for you to get them at an affordable price.

Books, Magazines and Comics

Sure the original issues of famous comics now cost the earth, but there are plenty of second-hand stores which will stock old books, magazines and comics that may have incredible value but have been thrown away as trash. It doesn’t even take very long for one publication to become important and valuable; a book that goes into multiple prints within the first 10 years of publishing will soon acquire a special value for its first edition. If you own any of it, it will soon be worth more money than you paid for it.